Packing, Camping And Rain

The bright blue skies we have enjoyed this week are clouding over. 

Today my sister and I  will load our vehicles so we can leave tomorrow morning. It’s always a hot and sweaty job so we do it the day before.

The weather is not co-operating with us this year. The weather man tells us we will have thunder storms here and at camp tomorrow. It’s not as easy to set up camp on a rainy, windy day.

The tarp goes up first over our camp, then our kitchen screen tent, and lastly our sleeping tent. If it’s miserable, we will set up the kitchen tent first and wait out the storms while playing Scrabble.

I’m taking my iPad with me and hope to find spots of WiFi . If I don’ t I will be back in two weeks.

Happy Canada Day  and Happy 4th Of July to those who live in North America,  and Happy Trails to All.