It was only a few short years ago I fell in love with photography when I join RedGage (what ever happened to that site, never mind Photozink is here).

I only had my mobile phone taking photos back then, however it wasn’t long before I bought a Fuji HS10 bridge camera. I fell deeper in love with photography even most so that I bought that camera.

I had my Fuji for about a year and I know I could do more if I bought I DSLR. It took me months to save and then spend the money on buying my Canon 550D otherwise known as the T2i in the USA.

Photography and viewing other people work I love them both, photography as made me respect the world around me, seeing things I’ve never seen before because I never knew they were there.

However it’s not just about taking photo of the amazing world around us it’s also knowing how to edit your photos. There are wonderful and amazing photographer on Photozink who know how to take photos and edit them to for all of us to see.


Photography I wished I taken it up many years ago. I‘m still learning, both taking and editing my work. 

Photography Makes Me Smile

I have been photographing images, mainly from where I live and sometimes holidays I’ve been on for about two years now. I love all kinds of photography but my main love is architecture, especially older buildings or bridges which have character, newer ones just don’t have the same appeal. 

One day I will happily venture into macro photography, it intrigues me to find out just how some of the photographers I know take the wonderful shots that they do. Flowers were not one of my favourite images but I have come to love them and also images of people, strangers is something I think I should try. The world is my oyster as they say.

I am delighted to be surrounded by some great people on this site, including Kevin who is a fellow countryman of mine even though he is from down south (LOL) I still appreciate his professionalism not just his photographic skills but having confidence and skills to start this awesome site, I can’t wait to see it evolve in future months and years.

“My creator gave me the skills to love, to befriend and to take photographs” 

I’m so pleased I can do that here!! 🙂




December 1st

December 1st and it’s snowing on the website. Yesterday saw two major events happen on the website, one being our first 1,000 posting which is an amazing achievement and something I didn’t think would happen so soon.

Later we had some bad news, if you were on the website between 2pm and 8pm UK time you will have seen that we lost the Ad program by Google a major hole in the website after we have been working around the clock. After trying to answer Google questions we discover from our stats that maybe the way people have been sharing content via Twitter and not tweeting reasonably could be the main reason for Google pulling the plug on us. We are seeing very high Bot and crawler activity coming from tweeted posts, we will be investigating further. If you are tweeting your content please be reasonable and let’s make this website work for everyone. We understand that these activities are not seen by most people and that you may have been completely unaware of this happening. Please be aware that these views are seen very negatively by the ad providers because bots and crawlers do not buy things in real life and that is the whole reason for the advertisers to be paying in the first place. We are working on blocking these malicious activities so be aware you may see a significant drop in your views if that was where they were coming from.

We have a new Ad program in place although not as good as Google, I’ve moved everyone back to $0.50 per thousand views something I didn’t want to do and new members will be on a lower rate for the time being. The new Ad program works differently to the way Google does and it takes almost two months before we get paid which will have a knock on effect the way we pay too.

I’m sorry for the bad news but I feel that you need to know. I’m hoping that somehow we will gain Google back and once again everyone will be happy.