Exciting news

So my math test results are back for my foundation paper , and I got a C ,  for people that doesn’t understand the system in the UK , a foundation paper is a paper with a total of 100 marks and I got 73 which is just a C and C is the highest possible you can get as a grate on a  foundation paper .


anyway I was messing around with the light levels for this one and got this really nice look to it :3 well , I like it  at least , I hope you do to

A Spider Tripping On His Web

A macro photograph of a spider on his web that has a hooka like pattern on his back.

Spider:    Hey Yo!  Yo man!  Hey man!
Me:    What?!?
Spider: Hey man!  You wouldn’t happen to have seen my web around anywhere, wouldya man?
Me:    Dude you you are standing on it!
Spider: Oh no s&#*!  Thanks man!  If it wasn’t for you, I would have never found my web!
Me:    Dude you were standing on it the whole time!
Spider:    Yes!  Thanks to you!
Me:    I am out of here!
Spider: I am out of here to man!  I have to go find my web.