Hello everyone

Hello everyone

Thank you all for you kind words on April and mine engagement. No date set yet but we will let you know, I’m so happy, so looking forward to our day our long life relationship, she is an amazing lady.



Hoping that you are enjoy our website, it’s not only me, it’s also April who you all know and then Darren who you don’t always see.

Currently there are three ways to earn on Photozink.

One, posting content, either photos or blogs, the photo uploader can be found in the dashboard under “new image post” and Blogs can be found under Photoz-ink. Either will earn you money from people viewing your work, from members of the website viewing your content or people from outside the website. People coming to the website through your posted links on Facebook or any of the other social media websites. Share responsibly.

Second, you see that you have points, you gain points for posting content and commenting on other people content. You also gain points for logging in each day, once only. 1,000 points = $1 payable, $25 into your PayPal account.

Third, you can earn by selling you work on Photozink, in Photozink-Media, we are currently doing digital downloads and prints, we are hoping to extend the range in the coming months but for now we will see how things work out with the digital downloads and prints first.

Website speed

Speed of the website gone down a little over the last few months with us adding in better security and new features. Over the coming weeks we will be looking into speeding page opening times, add comments and so on. We hopefully we can do this with any errors coming up while you are online.

We continue to have plans and ideas for Photozink and Photozink-Media we welcome any suggestion which people may have. We are only a small team and to be honest I think we are doing a wonderful job on this amazing website.


On behalf of myself and my admin team have a wonderful week ahead.

Editing your comments

Editing your comments

Hoping you are all ok and enjoying Photozink

You may have noticed that you now can edit your comments now, hoping you enjoy this new feature. Once you’ve commented you have five minutes if you need to edit your comment.

 I hope this helps people when making spelling mistakes when commenting on someone posts.